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Your colon is a muscle...We help you move a muscle from beginning to end.

Detoxification and Refortification

Contact us to learn more about how we might work together to help you detoxify and restore a healthy balance to your life.

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One Colonic (1hr) $95.00
Series of Three Colonics (3hrs) $270.00
Dry Far Infrared Sauna Session (1hr) $40.00
Ionic Detoxification FootBath (1hr) $45.00
Health Analysis with The Naturopathic Doctor $115.00
Colonic & Detox FootBath (2hrs) $130.00
Colonic & Dry Far Infrared Sauna (2hrs) $130.00
Colonic, Detox FootBath, & Dry Far Infrared Sauna (3hrs) $160.00

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Detoxification and Refortification

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