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Since 2007, Intestinal Fitness has been providing the highest quality colonic services along with other natural ways to heal. We are continually inspired by your positive feedback and are committed to provide and support you with the latest knowledge in “Intestinal Fitness”.

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Ionic Detoxification Footbath

$45 Per Session

Detoxification method utilizing the circulatory and lymphatic systems to help transport toxins out of the body.

Health Assessment with a Naturopathic Doctor

$115.00 per session

Included in the Health assessment along with the Iridology reading, you will find out your SALIVA & URINE pH balance; she will observe & read your face, tongue, nails, ears, hair, eyebrows, facial structure; she will use applied kinesiology (AK) and muscle response testing (MRT) to go through all body systems, organs & nutritional test points from Adrenals to Zinc. After an hour or so it will be evident what is at the “ROOT CAUSE”.


$95 Per Session


Colon Hydrotherapy is an effective safe method for cleansing 4-6 feet of colon without any sanitation risk.

Two minute video to see exactly what a colonic will be like

Dry Far Infrared Sauna

$40 Per Session

Releases toxins stored in the fat cells, using infrared technology.

Three Hour Special:

3 hrs. of detox services:


Feet detox

Infrared sauna

$160  for 3 hrs of treatment!

Dr. Gabby

Women’s Pioneer, Spiritual Mentor, Intestinal Fitness Tutor

Tired of unnatural solutions and you want to go back to your bright eyed, vigorous, hardy youthful status. I’ll show how to do it in a jiffy.  Colonic enemas clear out five to six feet of a person’s colon. Reiki nudges decades of suppressed physic sludge and emotional baggage from your spiritual body. Infrared saunas release the contamination stored up in the fat cells.  Ionic cleanses assist in purifying the blood. Lymphatic & deep tissue massage pushes sticky muck along the physical body.  Join us on a voyage of physical and spiritual scrubbing. As the clinics lead practitioner, I will meet you on your adventure wherever you are. Always bring a list of queries’ and we’ll explore them together.

I had sixteen years of harsh, disciplinary roman catholic education. As a young adult, that made me question manmade religion altogether. I found the followers in most cases, would turn over their power and follow a set of rules. Since I was always a powerful pioneer myself, that didn’t work for me. I love that manmade religion works for many people just not for me. I know were all connected by a common source , call it what you may.  Decades later, my studies brought me to understand that most of us are missing serenity & love. That comes from ones’ heart. Only you can give yourself serenity & love. Then, when your full of serenity & love, you can give it to others. Its heart based. It’s a feeling. Sometimes we can’t feel because we numb our pain with addictions.  In this community center, I allow room for all beings to be what and who they are.  Often, the people that might be the first to support you, are often the first to compete with you. You are safe here. We WELCOME all ethnicities and races, all sexual orientations, all religions and creeds, all immigrants and refugees, all spoken and signed languages, all countries of origins, all gender identities, all abilities and disabilities, EVERYONE.
My heart beat brought me here, and my unnamed mission keeps me here.

Detoxification and Refortification



If you want to reform and rehabilitate your patterns for choosing and eating foods, this is your woman. She is patient, kind, knowledgeable, informative, creative, listens to you and illuminates you with enlightenment. She meets “YOU” where “you are” on “YOUR” journey.  If you would like to continue to eat land animals, and sea life, and drink tequilas, she can tip you off to cutting edge goodies that will balance it all out for you. It’s all positive with her. She will help you make over and resolve fossil patterns. Ask her about her “BONZAI BOWL”, a snappy conclusion to an early meal on your sunrise scuttle.

Our aim is that all of our guests enjoy themselves in our clinic. You can rest away from the exhaustion of everyday stress in excellent surroundings, and if you are open to it, you can acquire the knowledge of a new, healthier lifestyle. With all of our knowledge, experience and patience, we try to please you every visit – you can entrust yourself to us."

Your Colonic Therapist has been Board Certified through the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT);

Is at an advanced level with the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy ( I-ACT);

is a Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner( CNHP) ; Certified as a Naturopathic Doctor;

Your Doctor Of Naturopathy holds several formal degrees in: Foods and Nutrition {Junior College Of Albany }, Dietetics {Sage Colleges} and Culinary Arts {SCCC)}

Intestinal Fitness, L.L.C.

Your colon is a muscle...We help you move a muscle from beginning to end.


I am a small-town North Carolina native from the eastern coast.  Prior to discovering all the wonderful healing benefits of Reiki in 2014, my previous journey took me down many different paths.  I worked various corporate jobs and answered a calling to become a nurse in 2009 following my mom's battle with cancer.  While in nursing school, I met a nursing instructor who was not only a Catholic Nun but also practiced Reiki and gave me my first introduction.  After I became a nurse, I began working with many patients who shared with me their worries, traumas and daily stressors that also needed relief in addition to their physical ailments. I have always had a desire to be in service and help others no matter what part of their life's journey they are currently facing.

Reiki is a healing art of Japanese origin which helps to align and balance the energetic wheels (chakras) of the body to alleviate stress and imbalances. I too, have felt the stresses and frustrations of traffic, work, buried wounds of the past and family demands that eventually takes its toll on the body, mind and spirit.  Reiki has helped me live the everyday life in more balance and ease and to remember to "stop and smell the roses." Healing is meant to be shared with others and to address the mind, body and spirit as a whole, not separate from one another.  

60 minutes - $88

90 minutes - $128


No Perfumes, colognes, essential oils, scented toiletries and/or all other aromatherapies.

Others are severely affected by those chemicals.


We accept "CASH ONLY"